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NYC in Bloom

NYC in Bloom

I'm just checking in to let everyone know that I'm still alive. This spring has been jam-packed so far. Between work travel, an anniversary trip, family visits, a wedding, and a funeral, my weekends have been consumed, and this blog has taken a serious back burner. I'm looking forward to slowing down for the rest of the spring and summer. 

Also, I wanted to openly declare my love for New York City this season. This is the first year that we have lived in the city, and although we had visited plenty of times during the spring, I guess I never realized or appreciated how beautiful it was. There's about a brief couple weeks where everything suddenly pops up, but before you know it, it's summer and it's gone.

After the long and rough winter we had, I've spent as much time outside as possible. Here's some eye candy from a few of my favorite places to stroll.

Central Park 

West Side Community Garden, Tulip Festival

Riverside Park

Upper West Side


Morningside Heights & Columbia University


"In Dreams Awake" Street Art Series by Kathy Ruttenberg (not pictured: 157th St Subway Station)

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

Favorite Trader Joe's Products

Favorite Trader Joe's Products