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Honeymoon in St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Honeymoon in St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Tomorrow is our 3 month wedding anniversary! So I figured what better time to share my favorite part of getting married, other than the wedding itself?

We got married on May 6th, and didn't leave for the honeymoon until May 22nd. This wasn't intentional - the trip was just cheaper towards the end of May, for whatever reason. We ended up being so thankful to have those two weeks to decompress after the wedding. I also experienced the "post wedding blues", which is something that no one really talks about much, but they should. I found some articles about it online, and it's totally a thing. Having the honeymoon to look forward to definitely cheered me up. 

To book the honeymoon, we used a travel agency called Bliss Honeymoons. They specialize in travel for honeymoons (obviously) as well as other special occasions like anniversary trips. You tell them what kind of trip you want and your price range, and they present you with 3 different possibilities. They'll put together as many options as you'd like until you find your dream trip. They then take care of setting up your itinerary and booking all the arrangements. Because they are compensated by the resorts and hotels, you pay them nothing, other than the cost of the trip itself.

Another perk to using Bliss Honeymoons is that they set up a honeymoon "registry" for you. We didn’t set up a traditional gift registry, because we just didn’t need or want a bunch of physical β€œstuff.” We liked having this as an option for people who still wanted to do something special for a wedding gift.

Originally, we wanted to go somewhere far away and exotic, like Thailand or Fiji. Eventually, we decided that all we truly wanted to do on our honeymoon was relax on a quiet beach somewhere, and realized that could be done closer to home for much less cash. Our travel agent Kyle suggested Palm Island, which we had never heard of before. Probably because it's the Caribbean's best kept secret!

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a string of 32 islands in the southern Caribbean, and Palm Island is one of them. Palm Island Resort & Spa is literally the only resort on the island.  There are only 43 rooms and a handful of private houses. If you're looking for a place with tons of stuff to do and a hopping nightlife, this may not be your spot. However, if you want a remote, quiet, and tranquil place to completely relax and unplug, then this is the place for you. 

To get there, you fly into either St. Lucia or Barbados (it was St. Lucia for us). From there, you take a teeny tiny propeller plane to Union Island. Palm Island doesn't have an airport, so the final leg of the trip requires a boat ride from Union Island. 

Although getting there was kind of a schlep, the resort had designated people at each stop who helped us get to our next destination, so that made it pretty easy. And as soon we got a glimpse of the island from the boat and were greeted with a rum punch, we knew the long trip was worth it.  

We stayed in our own little cottage on the beach, and it was rustic, but perfect. There were plenty of times when we were the only people on the beach with not another soul in sight. 

For seven days, we sunbathed, swam, and relaxed. We got up when we wanted and napped whenever we felt like it. We read multiple books. We rode bikes and hiked all over the island. We island-hopped and swam with sea turtles in the Tobago Cays. We ate so many fish tacos and drank the local beer. We had champagne in the morning, just 'cause we could.

On the last day of our trip, we took a boat ride to Happy Island. Yes, it's an actual place! The island was made by a man named Janti out of a bunch of conch shells and rocks. It's tiny and consists only of a bar, patio, and a small apartment where he lives with his partner. I think he's on to something. We had the most delicious rum punch there, and I've been trying to find rum punch that good ever since.

Can we please go back now?

For more, check out our honeymoon video:

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